[Must read before Choosing biology tuition] 10 Points to choose biological tuition Supplement Biological tuition bio

[Must read before biology] 10 Points to choose biological tuition Supplement bio Tonic Biological tuition club ! Is it


good to supplement bio? Biological supplement? Private supplement bio? Large tuition bio? Real small class? I


believe that many students or parentschoose abiological tuition club find it very difficult tobecause there are many choices in the market. Asupplementary biologycourse is suitable for children. The following are ten places that can refer to the biology supplementary course:


1 Scientific background

to teach science, biophysics and biology knowledge. In addition to the public examination scores need to reach a certain level, the second is the subject If you have studied related subjects in the university, you can know that in addition to public examinations, teachers have a deeper understanding than ordinary tuition teachers, and can explain more detailed and comprehensive biological knowledge, so no matter at the knowledge level And examination level specialists, especially the University of Hong Kong CUHK HKUST The biology major ofis a better choice.


2 Teacher experience

In addition to the academic record of the university major, another very important consideration is the teacher experience and skills. There are already many biology teachers in the market, and among them There are many more masters and doctors with rich knowledge, but all of the departments know how to teach and guide students, and learn the skills of living and studying? The situation is like many school teachers have rich knowledge and experience, but many students When listening to their classes, they often fail to fully absorb it. Teachers who have really studied point-of-speech teaching have learned from the process through more practice and practice which way to teach students what kind of method is to arrange the classroom to take the role of students to achieve better Learning, this kind of characteristic is not available to everyone. This can only be achieved by observing the teacher’s personal traits or acquired training. It may be difficult for some teachers to integrate life, fun, and knowledge into the classroom. 




3 The note set

has a good background In addition to experience, a very important biological supplementary supplement is the biological notes made by yourself. I believe that experienced teachers will know that the knowledge in the books usually contains a lot of actual exam content, and they can’t show which part is very important. It’s important. Through the teacher’s years of experience in exams, countless scoring, knowing which part is the most important part, and knowing which part is very important, you need more time to study. They can use these experiences to make a note for the exam. Delete unnecessary content and content outside the scope of the test, and focus more on studying test skills and key content.For example, the number of moles is very important and involves the content of Secondary Four, Five, and Six. This note should be explained more and more. Many kinds ofbiology past paper Thebiology exercises topic of, this is a better note.


4 The teaching method and

teaching method must be different from the school’s teaching method, because the school’s orthodox education is usually carried out by rote learning method, which has his own advantages, and tuition If you want to make up for the shortcomings of the school, you should use another set of new learning models to complement each other. For example, the teacher can guide students to learn in a question-and-answer manner. The more essential notes are better to teach in an interesting and vivid way. , Because classmates have been studying in school for a long time, and they are a bit tired. If tutoring can provide a more interactive and interesting learning method, students will learn more efficiently.


5 The number of students in class

traditional school education is mostly 20 to 30 classes, which cannot be considered The needs of every classmate, the teacher may not have a lot of time to answer the questions of the classmates. In terms of tuition, you can choose individual classes and small classes. Individual classes seem to be able to closely follow the progress of the students, but teachers usually have no experience in tuition clubs and school teachers. So many, if there is a group class atmosphere, if you have a small class, everyone will have a stronger learning atmosphere, classmates and teachers can discuss topics with each other, because the number of students in contact is reduced, three to four classmates are a group study class. Good.


6 Real-person online flexible classes.

Now that the epidemic is serious, many students are very difficult to choose between real-person tuition and online learning. For example, if the tuition can provide online learning when the epidemic is serious, such as skype zoom google meeting, it will be good for everyone’s health. It is not a model that many large tuition centers can do.


7 Leave arrangements

In addition to the above six points on teaching skills and learning aspects, many students and parents neglected the leave arrangements, because students may be after school There will be extracurricular activities or other tuition changes. If the selected tuition teacher can provide multiple tuition methods, such as changing to another class, orZOOM or online supplementary biorecording, etc., such tutoring is more Flexible.


8 In terms of cost, the

cost of tutoring biology can be as low as 100 yuan an hour, as high as hundreds of yuan an hour, depending on the number of teachers’ experience and education mentioned above. 

Generally speaking, the most expensive individual class is about 300 -About 500 yuan per hour, large tuition agencies usually cost less, more than 100 yuan per hour. Also pay attention to whether there are hidden fees such as photocopying fees, registration fees,fees, etc.. 


 tuitionThe cost of small tuition agencies is between the two Between $200-300/hr.


9 All options

on the market Comprehensive all the biological tuition options on the market, including three mainstream tuition methods, the first is large-scale tuition agencies, the second is private tuition, and the second is private tuition. The three-seed real-person small class, each of the three tuition methods has its own advantages, and the main difference is the number of people in each class, learning mode, teaching experience notes, etc.  

Large tutoring houses,

large tutoring houses, and biological tutoring kingsmostly take the form of watching videos, only a few Several students in the live class can interact, but the teacher’s experience and notes cost less every day. The cost of


bio supplement bio private supplementis usually higher without personal notes. It is carried out in a part-time format, and the department can fully follow up the situation of the students.

Group tutoring

can have the advantages of both at the end, including the learning atmosphere, real-person interaction, there arefamous biological tutors, and the price is between the two and generally speaking more people can Accepted.



10 Transportation

If the transportation is convenient, it can save a lot of time. Of course, personal private tuition can save the time. However, if the teacher meets the classmates who are far away from the car, they may not provide long-term tuition services. If you choose a tuition agency or a large tuition Club when comparing suggest to select an easily accessible location, for example, or they live nearby subway station or bus station is also able to save time increase the rest time in extracurricular activities review process.


  1. bio biological test hall

as a consumer, you can try the best Church , I feel satisfied after registration will benefit both sides, because in addition to tuition money to spend, will also use the time, so that we understand each other before making a decision, the better!


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